What is a piston pump?!
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Piston pump is a form of Positive displacement pump in which the huge pressure cachet retaliates using the piston. These pumps can be use to bring liquids as well as compress gases.

Piston Pump types

There are two main types of this pump. These are as follows:

1. Lift pump

2. Force pump

Both of these pumps can be operated by engine or by both hands.

Lift Pump

In lift pump the piston draws water through a valve from the lower part of the cylinder. In case of down stroke water passes through the valves set in the piston into the upper part of the cylinder.

Force Pumps

The force pumps the water can be drawn through an inlet valve into the cylinder.

Other features of Piston Pumps

The piston pumps are durable and fine. A large part of air diaphragm pump are axial. Axial pumps use multiple cylinders which are grouped around a main axis. Piston pumps are the most efficient pumps among pumps types. They are fairly expensive and their design makes them easy to contaminants. They provide solution for many high pressure oil pumping applications. It provides wide pressure range. Pressure can be controlled without affecting the flow rate.

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